From Flirtationship to Relationship

Many of us are now caught between a rock in a hard place – you don’t know if the guy or girl that you’re interested in reciprocates those feelings or you just simply want to move out of the flirtationship to something more cemented, A.K.A. a relationship. So without further ado, here are 5 tips to aid you in reaching that point.

Step 1: Read between the lines. This step is the first one because it tells you whether or not the guy or girl is actually interested in you, saving you the time and energy if their feelings are not reciprocated towards you. Take some time and look back on the interactions between you and that person. A guy or a girl ALWAYS give off signals if they are indeed interested in you, by their body language towards you or their conversations with you. Most girls will normally be always laughing (sometimes for no more apparent reason), smiling or even a bit giddy when you are around and most guys will sprinkle flirtatious remarks into every conversation. You always know if someone likes you or not and if you really are clueless, do what I just suggested and just sit back, relax and look back at the past interactions and ask yourself was that a signal? Both sexes give off signals, it is up to you now to read between the lines so that if you do realise you are getting signals, you can now advance to the next step.

Step 2: Give off signals. If you are interested ACT LIKE IT. Nobody wants to be turned down so if you are not acting like if you are the least bit interested, most likely the guy or girl will take that as a “Not Interested” sign and save themselves the shame of being turned down. I am not saying go and act desperate or play easy to get, but there are subtle signals you can give off to let the other party be aware that you are indeed feeling them. For girls, these include the obvious: smiling and continuing a conversation (if things get dry) and for men these include, throwing a LIGHT flirtatious comment – this is crucial because depending on how the girl responds will tell you if she is interested as well, if she responds with a smile and/or agrees with the comment you’re a go, if the opposite occurs and she looks hella uncomfortable, run for cover bruh because She. Doesn’t. Like. You.

 Step 3: Drop Hints. Some guys and girls you literally need to spell it out for them because they are just plain old clueless and cannot read between the lines. So by dropping hints, while in a conversation can get you to the next stage in the relationship. Mention that you always wanted to go to this new ice-cream place or you really wanted to see this movie but you do not have anyone to see it with etc. There are clever ways you can drop hints, but pray that they actually pick up on it. If they don’t, turn up the hints to the maximum by one day saying “damn I feel so stressed right now, I could really do with a movie/ an ice-cream sighs.” Now, if they really do not pick up on this hint and winding up asking you out or offering to take you to the place, they do not like you, so you can stop right here and move on to the next potential candidate.

 Step 4: Being asked out. Now if you are finally asked out, take a pat on the back because you’re progressing to strengthening the relationship! On the first meetup/ date (PS the meetup/ date should be somewhere outside of the normal meeting place, that is, outside of school/the workplace etc) keep things light and fun, because you definitely want them to ask you out again. Do not, I repeat, do not go and jump and ask “What is this between us?” or “What are we doing here?” That is a major turn off for anyone, so keep it fun and light to draw them in even further so that they will want to ask you out again and again. Get to know their likes or their dislikes what they do for fun etc. on this date and make sure that your presence was so infectious that by the time he/she gets home, the only thing on their mind is “I want to see her/him again” and if you get a text message after from the person saying how much fun they had, my friend you have hit the JACKPOT!

 Step 5: Seal the deal. By this time you all would have gone on a few dates and have had regular interactions and you are really confused now on the status between you all. Now it’s time to confront them and ask “what the hell are we” because you have no time nor emotions to waste, if they are just carrying you on an emotional rollercoaster. So ask the big question and see where his/her head is at and from that answer you will know what you feel most comfortable in doing next, whether it be cutting ties or continuing the relationship. Whatever it is you will know if it’s going to progress into a relationship or not. I will recommend if he/she just wants to be “friends” still run because by this time emotions would have been invested and being friends will only work in their favour and not yours. Make them suffer, by cutting ties because that emptiness they will feel by your absence will enable them to realise what they really missed out on.

 This article was requested by one of my readers and if there is any topic you want me to write on, please feel free to e-mail your topics and I surely will post on it.

I hope you enjoyed the post! Until next time. Be good to yourselves.

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