5 Steps to a Happier You

In a world of consumerism, the sad reality is people get caught up in it and stay entwined in that tangled Web. I too am guilty of such a reality but upon such realization, I began taking measurable and manageable steps to counter it. I know I am not alone when it comes to this and many people struggle with their happiness, so I compiled five suggestions that you can utilize in becoming a better and happier you.

First and foremost, I highly recommend detoxes.


Social media detoxes is highly necessary. Whether it be for one day or one month, try to stay away from all social media outlets at least four or five hours straight per week. This may seem like a long time but just putting your cell phone aside for that period of time can do so many wonders, I guarantee you will be amazed. You will first realize that you spend a lot of time on your phone because without it, you look around like a lost puppy searching for something to do and in searching for something to do, you may wind up just going and having a conversation with a family member, picking up a book you always said you wanted to read, going outside and taking a stroll or even just sitting and reflecting on your life. Whatever it is you find yourself doing, it brings back some grounding and you feel refreshed/ rejuvenated in a strange, yet good way.

Added to that social media outlets begin to indirectly play mind games on you. When you see a good looking young man or young woman, you begin looking at yourself in the mirror and indirectly wishing you had certain attributes, you begin wishing that you had a certain lifestyle or possessed certain things or do certain things and believe me, that affects your emotional health and ultimately your overall happiness hence why I stress the importance of detoxes.

Secondly, make a conscious effort in seeing the positivity in every situation.

As easy as it is to see and pick out the negative things that are occurring in your life, it is just as easy to see and pick out the positive things in your life. For example, by just reading this article, it shows that you not only have the luxury of having a device to access this blog, but that you are able to see and read what I am saying. Do you know how many people will kill for such things? The answer is A LOT!  This suggestion is difficult to start, but once you begin forcing yourself to see the positive, it becomes a habit and you become a happier you because you realise that things could be much worse and instead of wallowing in negativity, you start seeing all the ways you can overcome it.

Thirdly, surround yourself with people who lift you up.

Hand drawing unhappy and happy smileys on blackboard

Eliminate toxic people in your life. It is of utmost importance to look around your group of friends and question “How are they adding to your life?” “Are my friends toxic?” Do I feel demotivated/ put down after interacting with them?” Questions like these and many others are just a few that you should ask yourself because believe it or not, the people you surround yourself with have a huge part to play on your happiness.


Because we are social beings, you pick up their traits, their ways of thinking, their outlook on life etc. It is basically inevitable, so do not try fooling yourself that it cannot happen because it directly and indirectly occurs. It will be hard in coming to terms with it and losing a friend, but what’s even harder is picking back up yourself every time you interact with them. So save yourself the extra burden and drop these heffas because friends are easy to come by, your happiness on the other hand is not.


Fourthly, live each day thinking it is your last.

In the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” one of the habits were “begin with the end in mind.” Think about it for a minute, if today was your last day on Earth (and the reality is, it can be), would you want to spend it being unhappy? HELL NO! You want to be checking things off your bucket list and doing things that you always wanted to do. Of course, going bungee jumping or sky diving tomorrow is unrealistic, but what’s not unrealistic is choosing to take charge of the day. We tend to forget that life is made up of choices and between being happy or unhappy, on what may be your final day on Earth, which one will you choose?

Finally. Exercise.

I say this because I ran out of suggestions. No, I’m just kidding really. I am not going to be a hypocrite and say I eat healthy because I do not. However, because of my unhealthy ways, knowing that I will be exercising it off increases my mood. It is proven that exercise releases endorphins which contributes to one’s happiness and be honest, after you have exercised you feel good. Why? Because you think that you will be getting abs in the next hour…. Literally.



So, that brings the five suggestions to a happier you to an end.

Comment below if you agree or disagree or shoot me an e-mail if you want.

Until next time. Be good to yourselves.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jacqueline says:

    This Blog was very motivating to me thank you for taking the time to enlighten us.


  2. Kriti says:

    Fulfilling, truly inspirational and well needed. Keep up the good work!


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