How to Land the Girl of your dreams

As valentine’s day is quickly approaching, in honour of the day, I have compiled a few tips to land the girl you have had your eye on for weeks now. So guys, this one is for you.

As a quick introduction, I need to state a few things

Firstly, this is not the ultimate guide to land the girl of your dreams: some girls may be easier or much more difficult to do so, therefore I am not accountable. Secondly, you need to realise that you are probably not the only guy looking at her or stalking her social media accounts. However, if she is still single, it’s because that’s all the other guys are doing: stalking and whispering back and forth with their buddies on how “hot” she is. Therefore, use these tips to set you apart from the rest.him

Make eye contact. Because she has probably never seen you before, what you want to do is ensure that she begins seeing you so that your face becomes familiar. When you see her at school or at work, glance her way periodically (that is the key word there, you do not want to come across stalker-like) or pass within her eyesight, so that over time your face will become one she recognizes.

Approach her. After, a few weeks of purposefully making eye contact or passing within her eyesight regularly, you can now approach her. Trust me when I say, any girl will appreciate a guy who possesses the courage/confidence to approach her because it sets you apart from the guys who are only confident to speak to a girl from behind a computer screen. Now, when you approach her, keep the conversation brief and light because remember she does not know you and you definitely do not want her to feel uncomfortable. Ensure that you are the one to end the conversation as it creates an intrigue for her especially if she is used to guys chatting her away to the point where she has to be the one like “I have to go now”. You want to create that mystery, therefore by you ending the conversation, she will be taken aback as it is not something she is used to. On a side note make sure you are looking dapper that


Be chivalrous. After this short conversation with her do not go and speak to her the next time you see her. Wave and smile. This will allow her to start to actually fathom a thought about you like “how come he did not speak to me this time”, no matter the thought, the good news is that you entered her thought processes and my dear friend, that means you have struck emotional gold. After two or three times of only waving and smiling go and speak to her again. Now that you all are on a speaking level, ensure whenever you see her, you show off that you are a gentleman, be it you getting up to open a door for her or pulling her chair, chivalry is one trait all women love. A chivalrous man is an attractive man and therefore you get bumped up one or two points immediately. 

Get to know her on a deeper level. Girls like to know that a guy is not just chasing them just to get in their pants. I mean, we do know that is the ultimate goal but in this scenario “fake it till you make it”. I am kidding. If a guy is truly interested in a girl, they will be more than interested in getting to know her soul. Start with the simple things like: what she likes to do for fun, what movies she enjoys and what is her definition of a nice date to name a few. The latter can be used for future reference. Then progress to the big stuff like: is she close with her family. Here is the tricky part though, as guys are more cautious when it comes to this- being emotional/ opening up – the more you seem to be willing to open up and express your emotions, the more attracted a girl becomes to you and in doing so, it in turn allows her to become more comfortable in fully opening up to you. By this time, you would have earned yourself so much points that you can now advance to the next point.

Ask her out. Yes, it took a lot of work to get to this point but this is what you have waited for. The worst that can happen is she turning you down. However, once you have executed the steps stated prior, there is only a very slim chance she will say no. Not to mention, in an age of social media obsessed individuals, being asked out on an actual date versus a Facetime or Whatsapp video call is completely rare and she will most likely accept your offer. However, if she does happen to say no, do not act like a sour baby and completely cut ties with her by beginning to pass her straight or huffing and puffing when she walks by. For her, it will just further emphasise why she would have said no in the first place and you would drop to the bottom of the list of potential candidates, probably be completely kicked off the list.  In such a situation, be understanding and continue getting to know her as a friend and maybe one day it will happen..that day just wasn’t today. Now if she says yes, for the date, I highly recommend you carry her some place fun where it won’t be too intimate for her to feel uncomfortable as this is still the “getting to know each other stage.” Additionally, if you are super nervous and therefore become super awkward/ quiet during the date, she may not even notice because she is having such a good time. Therefore, places like the arcade, mini golfing, amusement parks, just to name a few are great options.

And that brings my tips for landing the girl of your dreams to an end. If you have additional tips, comment below and most importantly, good luck guys!




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