How to keep your man 101

Keeping your man interested in you nowadays is one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome. If it isn’t for those Instagram famous models or those injected big booty girls, it is those thirsty looking b!tches trying to steal your man. Therefore, I have compiled five tips that can assist you in keeping your man googly-eyed on you and you alone.

Continue playing hard to get. I will forever preach this. Men love the chase. If women are too easy to snatch up, they get bored easily and search for their next prey, which entails wandering eyes. Ladies, continue teasing him. Let him still work for that ass (even though he already has it)  Now, do not overdo it because then you will really lose your man, but a light tease never hurts.

Trust him. Ladies, give your man the benefit of the doubt. A man loves when his woman can trust him and allow him to go out with his guys, have a good time without hundreds of texts and calls every second from his lady. If it is a situation whereby you have to constantly keep tabs on him, stop reading this article right now and end the relationship. It makes no sense to be in a relationship where you are constantly wondering about the 5 W’s – Who? What? Where? When? Why?

Keep things spicy. Now, many of you ladies get too comfortable in your relationships and begin dressing down more often, wearing little to no makeup and pigging out. That’s A okay, if it’s done at home and at home alone. Many of you are probably rolling your eyes and saying my man likes me to be “au naturale.” That’s just a no-no. Men are visual creatures and as much as they like to see you become comfortable with them by taking it all off – literally. They still want to be able to show you off and comfortably say you are the most beautiful woman in the room. I do not mean to go full face of makeup and over dress for each occasion but for something as simple as a movie date – some light makeup, a pair of jeans to highlight that booty and a cute top will have him begging to take you back home.

Surprise him. Whatever it is your man loves to do, whether it is playing video games, hiking, travelling et cetera. Plan an entire day without his knowledge to do those things. Simple gestures like that allow him to see the woman he has in front of him truly cares for him and ladies, you are left with the satisfaction of him always remembering that it can’t get better than you.

Support him. Even if it is the wackiest of ideas he has or his dreams are way too far-fetched, support him and make him believe he can do anything he puts his mind too and even if he fails you will be there to love and support him.

At the end of the day, a man who does not want you or has already lost interest in you will leave you. Do not expect these tips to help you get him back. However, for the ladies who still have their man by their side who loves them unconditionally, use these tips, as men can get bored very easily.

Until next time my lovebirds. (Shoutout to the single gals and guys reading this as well for their future relationships)


PS Leave your comments below on your thoughts and feel free to suggest more tips that has worked for you.



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  1. Whitney says:

    Surprise Him! Thank youuu so much for this tip Wanderlusting. Great read.


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